12 October 2010
The myth of the disappearing Commonwealth


David Donovan and Mike Keating

"The Commonwealth Games has been a great spectacle and many of us have enjoyed watching Australia win so many events and dominate the medal tally, as we seem to do at every Commonwealth Games these days.

It reminds us that during the lead up to the 1999 referendum on the Australian Republic, monarchists established a particular myth firmly in many Australians minds. Itís the one that pretends that as a republic we wonít be able to continue to participate in the Commonwealth Games.

Why do monarchists make up myths? It may be because truth is the first casualty in any war and monarchists see themselves as being at war. They see themselves as defending the crumbling ramparts of the English monarchy and the remaining vestiges of the British Commonwealth. They would love to be back in the days where the red of the British Empire dominated the world map.

So, to counter any monarchist misinformation and scare tactics, let the truth ring loud and clear on this issue: Australia as a Republic could and would remain a member of the Commonwealth and Australia could and would continue to dominate the medal tally in any future Commonwealth Games after it becomes a proud Republic. Letís look at some facts.

Letís repeat the facts. As a republic, Australia would still be a member of the Commonwealth. As a republic, Australia would still be able to participate in the Commonwealth Games and dominate the English and the other Commonwealth teams. As a republic, Australia would continue to contribute to any Commonwealth planning that may assist with the national security of member states.

Myths, like monarchists, live in the past and, like mushrooms, flourish in the dark. Let the facts shine in and drive away our fears. Bring on the Republic ó weíre ready!"

David Donovan is the media director of the Australian Republican Movement and its Queensland branch convenor. Major General Mike Keating AO has retired from service. He is the chair of the Australian Republican Movement.

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Ture Sjolander :

12 Oct 2010 7:28:58pm

A modest request.

Before we even can talk about this issue we need a Briton Free Day in all Australian media.
The majority of the Australian population of NESB are sick and tired of the fanatic news media nagging about Britain British Briton England English Commonwealth 30.000 times 24 hours.
Australia should apply for membership in E.U.,and give up Feet, Yards, Pounds Miles, and Inch by inch give up it's insular mentality....

Republic is just another anachronistic political model equal to the Westminster crap.
Get real! It has to start with democracy.


           ELECTIONS 2010
           TURE  SJOLANDER